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A Leader in Ultra-Fine Particle and Pigment Dispersions 
Since the earliest times humans have valued color to express their emotions and communicate their passions. 
Founded in 2002, RJA has grown to be a key supplier of nano-particle pigment dispersions. 

We don’t make inks. We sell only dispersions to the manufacturers of ink jet inks and coatings for these markets. 
Today, we communicate color with super-wide ink jet printers for applications including airplanes, buses, trade exhibits, shopping malls, packaging, and custom articles and textiles. 
We make colors....

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April 2014​
     RJA Dispersions announces the qualification and release of D3410-B60 (25% PB60 in PONPGDA) and D3210-Y120 (25% PY120 in TPGDA).

March 2014
     RJA Dispersions announces the qualification and release of PR 254
in TPGDA and IBOA monomers and the release of yellow-shade PR 224 in IBOA.

December 2013
     RJA Dispersions  announces the release of two sets of pigment dispersions for fixed array heads.  These dispersions are noted for their excellent stability against changes in particle size, color, settling, and viscosity increase with heat aging. These dispesions are the best of the best and should excel as colorants for fixed array ink jet printing inks.  They are available now in the 2-PEA (D3000 series) and the PONPGDA (D3400 series) monomers.  Dispersions in other monomers are availabe upon request.  These dispersions will be noted by the "FX" suffix.  
     Feel free to contact us for samples.